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ECW is an exceptional partner for our fulfillment and logistics needs. His attention to detail and commitment to delivering on time has greatly helped us in ensuring customer satisfaction. We highly recommend him and his team for any fulfillment and/or logistics services.
We work with Easy China Warehouse because they have always been very reliable and very easy to communicate with regarding any kind of requests, any kind of special things we needed to do. We have used them for airship direct to Amazon. We have used them for sea and air shipments directly to our 3pls be it in Germany or be it in the US. And yeah have been working with them for quite a few years at this point and have a very good corporation.
Brian and his team have been really good to work with. We’ve worked with several big names in the fulfilment and logistics space in China and Easy China has been the best experience by far. From their easy to use quotation sheets, to their customer support for resolving tracking or shipping issues, I have recommended them to my colleagues and clients looking for a reliable fulfillment and logistics partner.